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Why Talent Seed for DIY Recruitment Support?


No Placement Fee

We charge by time not placement.  So, no hefty fees aligned to a candidates salary.  Our charging is a lot fairer, and the final bill is generally around 1/3 of a recruitment agency.


Expertise on tap

Our principal has 20 years’ recruitment experience across 9 countries.  We’re not here to get you a bum on a seat, we’re here to provide expertise when you need it.

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Right Fit

Our focus is on fit. Our process highlights people that fit your culture and company values.  And our training can help you get better at hiring.

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Independent Perspective

Time not placement pricing ensures independent advice is offered, as fees aren’t tied to a ‘person’.  We’ve got your back.

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Kick arse ads and hiring strategies executed under your brand to get your company and its story known.

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About Talent Seed

Talent Seed helps you in every part of the hiring process. We support your recruitment process. We can find the right recruits for you, we can train you how to do it yourself, or give you toolkits for DIY recruitment. We work mainly with small and medium businesses, providing expertise and resources; you outsource what you need. Because we do not charge placement fees, the cost is affordable, and you achieve great outcomes.


What We Do


On Demand Recruitment

Recruitment Specialists when you need them

You need a new recruit, and you don’t have the time to manage the whole process yourself. That’s where Talent Seed comes in. We’ll understand your business and your needs and manage the whole process. We don’t charge placement fees so we won’t push you into hiring the wrong fit. We’ll work hard to find you the right recruit to fit your business, using your brand to attract people, not ours.

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Online Recruitment Training

Learn Best Practice at your own pace

Working with us you’ll naturally improve your hiring knowledge. Sometimes we’re asked to attend interviews to provide an independent perspective and business owners and managers love our perspective. But we know time is tight. So we have partnered with The Wise Advice Academy to deliver online recruitment courses that are short and sweet. Gain knowledge and skills in interviewing or understanding recruitment process.

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Hiring Toolkits

All the Tools you need to manage your own recruitment

Whether you just need to hire one person and need some structure and recruitment tools or need a complete hiring process Talent Seed helps you with tailored, industry specific tools that takes into account the market you are in.

We’ll create guides and templates for each step of the process that can be utilised again and again. Easy, simple and transferable to all your team. Plus we have standardised Right-Fit Toolkits for Admin and Customer Services roles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We recognise that many businesses carry out their own recruitment (DIY) to save on costs, yet they don’t have the expertise.  We can provide tool kits to manage the process yourself, and be available via phone to provide advice along the way.  Or you can get the whole end-to-end process off your hands

You’ll gain a rock solid process and more confidence in your approach, and therefore your decisions, without a hefty bill.  You may even outsource process so it will save you time. 

  • Your applicants have a professional experience that positions you as a great employer.  
  • You can get support on tap, without having to have someone on staff be distracted by recruitment… 
  • It’s like the recruiter has more expertise than you… as that’s their core skill

Whether you choose to do it yourself with toolkits to work with, or whether you outsource the ad writing, CV culling and phone screening it will save you time and money, and lower risk by having an expert involved 

If you use toolkits its ridiculously cheap, if you choose outsourced support it’s around a ⅓ of what an agency would charge, well within many SMEs budgets

We support SMEs who don’t have the budget or desire to use agencies. We recruit for multiple industries such as logistics, manufacturing, retail, online/digital, financial, tradies, NFPs, across all sorts of roles such as warehousing, machinists and cabinetmakers, builders, plumbers, customer services, administration, social media and digital roles, sales and marketing, the list goes on. The only roles we don’t help with are highly specialised such as medical roles… though we have still helped businesses attract doctors purely by helping them sharpen their advertising.

Agencies charge a placement fee and the recruitment is done secretively so that candidates don’t know who you are, and can’t approach you direct. We advertise under your brand to get yourself better known as an employer, and charge based on time not placement.

I have years of experience in recruiting based on cultural fit and have trained agency recruiters to do the same. It is definitely one of our focuses… no point having someone who has all the skills in the world if they just don’t fit.

DIY resources are right fit tool kits and candidate-centric ad writing toolkits, outsourced support where we do the work for you means we are doing all the heavy lifting, and can still provide you with interview guides, or in many cases attend the interview with you, if you need that. 

Many of the toolkits are still to be loaded on the site so email Tania at tania@talentseed.co.nz or call her on 027 289 2168 and talk through your needs

DIY you truly are doing it yourself but with toolkits as guidance, outsourced recruitment support we act as your company’s outsourced recruitment arm doing all recruitment under your company name, and calling candidates ‘on behalf’, for all intents and purposes we are you… just with more time and expertise

There are a few recruitment process outsourcing companies out there.  Many allocate a recruiter to your project… and their level of expertise can differ hugely. Talent Seed’s business owner oversees all recruitment so you get high quality strategy, recruitment marketing and oversight.  Alternatively you can just use an agency, it’s normally cost prohibitive for smaller businesses to do so. Some outsourced providers still charge by time, but their rate ensures they are still getting a fee similar to that if they did placement charging, so check the hourly rate isn’t close to a lawyers! 

What Our Customers Say

We used Tania and her team to recruit some staff for us. They did an exceptional job and were priced FAR more reasonably and indeed fairly than other recruiting firms. Their expertise reduced the amount of time I needed to spend sifting though applications and greatly improved the quality of applicants. I can’t speak highly enough of Tania and her team. We will continue to use them and do actively recommend them to anyone looking to hire staff.

Dave Kirkham, CEO of Autoblast

We felt it was rather a tall order however, Tania confidently developed a unique recruitment solution to match our needs. With more than 250 of our workforce being volunteers she developed a process focusing on motivational fit, translated our organisational values into behaviours to ensure a cultural match and trained our managers across both the volunteer and employee settings, in interview skills. She was a pleasure to deal with demonstrating immense knowledge in her field while also listening to staff around the particular limitations and challenges of running a service with such a high proportion of volunteer workers. Our processes are now consistent and easily understandable and we’re better hiring managers for it.

Janine Ewan, CEO, dove house, Eastern Bays Hospice

Our situations vacant ad ran for months with no response. So we engaged in the services of Tania from Talent Seed. She rewrote and crafted an engaging recruitment ad and within a day we had multiple applications for the vacancies we had available. Within a week we had employed a great new carpenter. We would not hesitate to use Tania again and we highly recommend her services.

Russell Clark, Owner, Licensed Renovations Ltd

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